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The Movement Away from the PC – Why the PC is Dead

For move then 25 years, the PC has dominated the desktop.  Along with it has come massive technology changes… and the support nightmares that come with them.  Numerous studies point to the day when the personal computer will no longer run our Office or business applications.  No longer will we need the PC processing power on our desktop.  This is both an exciting and scary prediction for IT professionals, specifically those charged with the protection and care of critical data and services.

However scary, the move to thin client endpoint devices (non-PC) has started.  HP’s announcement sent shock waves through the market with their decision to exit the PC market.  Apple’s prediction that they will ship more iPads than Dell sells laptops set us on our heals.  From an IT professional’s point of view, the prospect of managing multiple endpoint devices while delivering a consistent user experience is a difficult proposition.

Horizon vDesktop™ Solutions – Thin Client or PC Kiosk Mode!

We offer two effective deployment methods.  First, if you are strapped for cash and want to extend your IT budget, you can extend the life of your PC’s by moving them into kiosk mode.  With a simple configuration change, your PCs will go from desktop burden to simulated thin client.  Since all of the desktop processing is performed in Horizon Private Cloud, the PC simply presents a web login and the desktop image.

Second, thin client deployments offer unmatched ease of use and management.  They offer SSD drives with no moving parts.  From a user perspective, they plug in the device, press the “Power” button and they are connected to the Horizon Private Cloud automatically.  They offer multiple USB ports, wireless and wired network connectivity, and DVI dual screen support.

Proof of Concept

Try our vDesktop™ hosted virtual desktop solutions.  Discover how easy it is to let go of the PC as you know it and embrace desktop virtualization.  We believe in our solutions.  We’ll even provide a Proof of  Concept phase prior to implementation of your solution. 

Real solutions to real IT problems.  Contact us now and learn how we can help.

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