Horizon Private Cloud Desktop

Simple and Secure - Access Anywhere

Horizon Private Cloud is the only company offering vDesktop™. Our Windows Cloud Desktop is available 24/7 from any browser with any secure internet connection. Mobile, secure, always on!

iPad, Android, Mac, and PC Support

Go ahead, keep your current device or computer. All you need is a web browser and access to the internet. Your Windows Cloud Deskop is running all your applications and connecting to your important data. Simply and quick!

Microsoft Office 2010 - Word, Excel, and Outlook

Complete Microsoft Office Suite of applications are available on your desktop. Real Windows applications and data accessed from any device.

Totally Protected - Back up and Restore

Every vDesktop includes our Horizon Back up and Restore service. All your data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly. Need a lost file? Contact Horizon Private Cloud and we will restore it quickly.

Professionals and Self-Employed - No More LogMeIn or GoToPC

vDesktop™ gives self employed and professional business people the security they need when moving from customer to customer. Our Windows cloud desktops are just like your PC in the office with all the same applications. Connect any time, anywhere.


Perfect for Students

vDesktop™ is the ideal Windows Computer in the cloud, giving parents and students safety and security in knowing that all important applications and data are available anytime. Never worry about upgrades or viruses. The cloud desktop is totally protected.


vDesktop™ Includes:

  • Windows Desktop
  • Back up and Disaster Recovery
  • Virus and Threat Protection
  • Support for iPad, iPhone, MAC, Windows, and Android devices
  • Windows Legacy Applications
  • Share Data Server
  • Microsoft Office Standard

Monthly Subscription – Windows Cloud Desktops

We are flexible.  Whether you need 1 development seat or 1,000 vDesktop instances, Horizon Private Cloud offers month to month and yearly subscription models.  By leveraging our unique service, you eliminate large cash investments in software licensing and hardware infrastructure.   Microsoft Office Standard is included with every vDesktop instance along with 2 GB of user SAN storage.  Larger storage options are available.


Real solutions to real IT problems.  Contact us now and learn how we can help.

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