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Hosted virtual desktops actually run in Horizon Private Cloud’s data centers.  Only the screen images are delivered to the end user.  All applications and their data are centrally controlled and supported.  Therefore, when a user has a question or experiences a problem (yes, cloud solutions have trouble from time to time), support personnel accesses the desktop image in our private cloud.  This allows for greater control of the environment and high effectiveness with the end user. The result is a more satisfactory resolution to their issues.  In the end, costs are reduced and user satisfaction is up.

Horizon Private Cloud HelpDesk – 24/7 Live Support

HPC offers first and second line support for standard general desktop problems and support issues.  HPC will diagnose bandwidth and communication issues (which are typically the cause of temporary service slow downs) and recommend remedies.  Microsoft Office Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint support is also available for clients migrating to new versions.  Industry specific ERP, CRM, or custom applications are still maintained by your staff however are better controlled through central administration.

Thin Client and PC Devices – Reduced Support

By deploying thin client devices, you dramatically reduce the support required for that user.  Gone are the issues of OS control and configuration.  Thin clients are solid state devices with no moving parts and no user access to configuration settings.  Users simply press the button and they are connected to Horizon Private Cloud.  Combined with HPC HelpDesk, you dramatically reduce the changes of user inflicted problems and the cost of those support calls.

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