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Remote offices are a difficult proposition for any technology professionals.  While RDS services have made strong gains, the quality and speed leave a lot to be desired.  User complaints have forced many IT departments to allow local deployment of Microsoft Office and other critical business applications with VPN connectivity to data center resources.  This type of environment deployment satisfies the immediate needs of the employee however creates a time bomb of support for the technology professional assigned to support it.

Horizon vDesktop™ eliminates many of the obstacles stopping quality IT professionals from delivering a consistent desktop experience. By deploying thin clients, you clear away support time bombs and improve user satisfaction.  Speed and responsiveness are now controllable and manageable using Horizon’s free performance diagnostic tools.

Short or Long Term Needs – Flexible Subscription Options

Whether you need a desktop solution for a month or three years, Horizon Private Cloud offers vDesktop™ remote office provisioning solutions that work with you.  Of course the month to month solutions are more expensive than our yearly models.  However, they are extremely flexible and are perfect for those who do not know when or where they need the resources. 

For example, let’s say you are opening an office in New York and you need ten desktops with shared data storage, printing, and access to shared documents at headquarters.  Unfortunately, you do not know how long this office will be in New York – maybe 2 months, maybe a year.  Horizon Private Cloud will provision vDesktop™ with applications of your choice, allocate SAN storage and open a VPN between our cloud and your headquarter data center. 

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