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Human error, hardware faults, malicious acts or site disasters can all lead to unplanned IT downtime. The consequences can be severe and could have a dramatic impact on your business’s operations. As a result, insurance requirements often dictate that businesses implement business continuity plans. Many businesses implement these plans anyway to follow best practices and protect their investment.

What you get with Horizon DR.

  • Full fail over
  • Choice of scheduled, continuous or near continuous backup
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Secure off site facilities to store your data
  • User or partner-initiated online restores

Benefits of Horizon DR.

  • Deploy service quickly through our expert partners
  • Manage backup and restore processes easily
  • Free up IT staff to focus on operational priorities
  • Eliminate the need to purchase backup/restore hardware and software
  • Simplify disaster recovery testing and provide assurance to third parties

Choice of Restore Sites

Restore data to customers’ on-premise systems or to hosted servers in DataCenter on Demand.

Low Bandwidth Requirements

Upload data initially by removable disk or a throttled approach that doesn’t affect your business operations. We compress and encrypt on-going synchronization and only upload incremental (delta) changes. No re-synchronization is required.

Continuous Back up of Data

Get your latest data from any location – ideal for remote office works. Rise’s disaster recovery service continuously backs up your on-premise data to our cloud infrastructure.

Secure Dedicated Repositories

Ensure your data is protected and confidential with a secure repository for your backups. Customers on the High Availability One Hour Restore service have dedicated mirrored servers.

Detailed Management Reporting

Gain visibility of data upload rates, file types and storage from your partner. They’ll have all the information they need to manage your business effectively.

Expandable Storage

Expand the storage, memory or CPU power of your repository servers and mirrored servers as required.

Horizon Private Cloud has a much easier, and more cost effective, method for your DR strategy.  Contact us today and we will discuss the options and how our solution could be of help.

Real solutions to real IT problems. 

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