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Disaster Recovery – What’s Right for Your Organization? Disaster Recovery Horizon Private Cloud

DR is not for every company.  There is a substantial cost and the solutions need to be tested periodically to insure fail over should the unthinkable happen.   Should your organization determine that it needs more than off-site back up, you might need to look at a more proactive solution.  Horizon Private Cloud offers numerous SLAs for 1, 2, 4, and 8 hour provisioning of your critical business services. 

Why Off Site Backup is Not DR

Off site backups are sometimes thought to be an effective DR strategy.  However, there are many issues that need to be considered before you solution your DR problems with off site backup.   Have you backed up both data and all necessary servers (AD, Virus, SQL, Licensing, and the like). Does the off site location have sufficient hardware and processing power to spin up the servers to handle user capacity?   Have you tested this solution in a simulated outage?  These are very tough questions to ask yourself and ones that often do not get answered until it is too late.  

Horizon Private Cloud has a much easier, and cost effective, method for your DR strategy.  Contact us today and we will discuss the options and how our solution could be of help.

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