Connecting to Your Cloud Desktop to an iPad

Thank you for choosing Horizon Private Cloud vDesktop.  Prior to accessing your cloud desktop, you will need to install the Citrix Receiver.  The following instructions are for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Once installed on your device, you can access your desktop with the credentials provided to you.

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Installing Citrix Receiver for iPad


Access App Store

  1. Enter ‘Citrix Receiver’ in Search..
  2. Under iPad apps, install Citrix Receiver with black logo
  3. Receiver will automatically load (download time varies depending on connection).
  4. Tap on Receiver button.
  5. Tap on ‘add account’
  6. New Account set up
    1. Address: enter internet address of portal (provided by company).
    2. Tap Next in upper right hand corner.
    3. The receiver will now verify information.
    4. Once information is  verified, enter:
      1. Username: provided by company
      2. Password: initially provided by company
      3. Domain: provided by company
    5. Tap Save in upper right hand corner.
      1. After account setup, you have choice of
        1. Streaming individual applications by either tapping on the application. (place as favorite by tapping + next to application)
        2. Launch vDesktop to access your desktop as on a PC. (place as favorite by tapping + next to application)
  7. Receiver toolbar:  black arrow on vDesktop or individual application scrolls down toolbar for desktop or application.  Here you can apply settings or functions that are available.
  8. Logging Off
    1. From receiver page (not the vDesktop), tap green plus on left of screen.
    2. A list of available applications should be displayed.
    3. Tap Logout (this will ensure maximum performance of your desktop when used by various devices)

Installing Citrix Receiver for iPhone

  1. Access App Store.
  2. Perform search for “Citrix Receiver’.
  3. Tap on Citrix Receiver.
    1. Tap on ‘Free’ to install Citrix Receiver.
      1. Install speed depends on connection speed.
  4. Find Receiver on iPhone screen.
  5. Tap Receiver to start
  6. Tap on Add Account
    1. Enter address provided to access log in screen.
    2. Tap on Next on upper right of screen.
      1. Receiver will verify address entered.
    3. Enter the following credential information previously provided.
      1. Username: Previously provided.
      2. Password: Previously provided.
      3. Domain: enter hpc.
    4. After entering information press save in upper right corner.
  7. Available applications will be listed, you are able to either:
    1. Stream the application directly by pressing on it.
    2. Launch vDesktop and access applications from desktop.
  8. Add applications to favorites
    1. Press the + sign next to application to add it to favorites.
    2. From favorites screen launch application without having to scroll through the entire list.

  Be sure to log off when finished to maintain highest level of performance.

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