Windows 7 Virtual Desktop

Microsoft revealed at its annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, that more than 400 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold to date. With so many investing in Microsoft's Windows 7... and the trend of industry leaders and others, to utilize the advantages of virtual desktops... its not surprising that each would have need of the other. Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions were inevitable.

The Microsoft Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions can be a sizeable advantage for companies. Centralizing IT operations for greater effectiveness, increasing the speed of deployment and assisting IT professionals in simplifying management, are just some of the advantageous reasons why customers employ Windows 7 Virtual Desktops solutions.

Those utilizing Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions can launch using a variety of devices while at the same time never compromising the security of their corporate environment. Users employing Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions know and appreciate how they are kept up and running, while IT staff are empowered by Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions (being put in a position of more control over desktops).

While Microsoft's Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions, have clearly been embraced by many and each day there are more becoming aware its relevancy in today's business... and looking to make use of these solutions themselves. Their first step in arming themselves with the right Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions to suit their needs will be to truly understand the full scope of what desktop virtualization can offer.

To assist in this critical first step, Microsoft created Microsoft Desktop Virtualization White Paper. It outlines the approach Microsoft takes in the arena of desktop virtualization and uses business language and interactive approach to convey it.

(For those looking a less in-depth peruse of Microsoft's Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions, they also offer a source called infrographic.)

When you understand what is capable with Microsoft's Window 7 Virtual Desktop solutions, it will also become understandably clear on how important and necessary the role of partners play in Windows 7 deployments. Company's such as Horizon Private Cloud, can be irreplaceably, instrumental in compiling a Windows 7 Virtual Desktop solutions that are right for each potential new user.

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