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Horizon Private Cloud offers the best virtual desktop online solutions for enterprise. If you're looking for a virtual desktop online solution, choose Horizon Private Cloud. Horizon Private Cloud is your virtual desktop online solution for office workgroups. A virtual desktop online solution is an essential component to today's workplace. With more and more people choosing to work from home or abroad, a virtual desktop online solution is the best way to keep your employees connected and productive. A virtual desktop online solution is ideal for almost any and all types of industries.

A virtual desktop online solution is ideal for organizations that are looking to move all of its workstations and files to the cloud. With a virtual desktop online solution, all of your work files can easily be moved to an outside storage solution for posterity and security. Moving all of your files to the cloud via a virtual desktop online solution from Horizon Private Cloud is also an ideal way for other users or employees to easily access necessary files that may otherwise be unattainable.

The cloud is one of the most popular and fast emerging storage methods available today. More and more services are moving to the cloud and virtual desktop online solutions. Data such as your personal photos, music and email are likely all available on some type of cloud service. All though the idea of a virtual desktop online solution might seem foreign, chances are you have already used a service much like the one Horizon Private Cloud offers. Horizon Private Cloud has designed its virtual desktop online interface to make it as user friendly as possible.

Horizon Private Cloud offers hosted virtual desktop online solutions at monthly subscription rates. Horizon Private Cloud is flexible and has the ability to meet your needs. Whether it's 1 development seat or 1,000 vDesktop instances. Horizon Private Cloud offers month to month and yearly subscription models. By leveraging our unique service, you will be eliminating large cash investments in software licensing and hardware infrastructure. Microsoft Office Standard is included with every vDesktop instance along with 25 GB of user SAN storage. Larger storage options are available.

Horizon Private Cloud offers two different virtual desktop online deployment models: Windows Server 2008 virtual desktop online uses shared resources or a dedicated true VDI instances of Windows 7. Both vDesktop virtual desktop online deployment models offer unique benefits that are appropriate for specific task workers. Horizon Private Cloud will work with your team to recommend the appropriate solutions for your environment.

If you are ready to begin implementing a virtual desktop online solution for your office or workplace, contact Horizon Private Cloud today to find how Horizon Private Cloud's virtual desktop online solutions can help improve your company's productivity and efficiency. You can also browse our website further to find out how we've helped companies large and small with our virtual desktop online solutions.

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