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Horizon Private Cloud has the solutions you need when it comes to Virtual Desktop hosting. Through virtual desktop hosting Horizon Private Cloud offer solutions for both your local and remote desktop needs. They utilize virtual desktop hosting and their in-depth knowledge of it, to change the way you're doing business. Horizon Private Cloud implements virtual desktop hosting to change one business at a time: one desktop at a time.

How is Horizon Private Cloud changing businesses through hosting virtual desktop? Virtual desktop hosting changes how employees use and manage data relevant to their operations.  They make virtual desktop hosting available to you via a secure internet connection or via a dedicated circuit, for the added security your company shouldn't be without. They bring you virtual desktop hosting that is Windows based and run in Horizon's Private Cloud data center where security is additionally reinforced by their always-on, high availability infrastructure.  This means that while your data and preferences are conveniently at your fingertips, in all locations you and other parties critical to operations may be operating from: their virtual desktop hosting protects it against loss or theft. Regardless of location: be it on the road, home-based or coast to coast... not confined by means of technology: be it through an iPad or PC... you and your employees enjoy almost unlimited flexible computing power while avoiding traditional and unnecessary operation practices and the costs they incur... all with peace of mind in knowing that your virtual desktop hosting through Horizon Private Cloud virtual desktop hosting is not compromising your business.

Horizon Private Cloud facilitates virtual desktop hosting on any device, anywhere.

They're the only company offering vDesktopsolutions. Their virtual desktop hosting services can be delivered to any device (inclusive of secure internet connect). Windows desktops and laptop PCs, Macs or Apple PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets, smart phones, Blackberry mobile devices and thin client end point devices are all qualified candidates that can be used to make the most of their virtual desktop hosting.

If this was not incentive enough, it comes under a predictable cost model, which translates to virtual desktop hosting with no excessive hit to cash. Not only are there no-upfront hardware or software purchases necessary but the monthly cost is one of a foreseeable nature without the fear of any unpredictable surprises. Cost management predictability is gained when subscribing to a Windows virtual desktop in the cloud. Cost management is as seem-less and simple as the ‘reduced single pane of glass' Administration Dashboard, bringing you all your provisioning and support.

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