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A virtual desktop cloud solution from Horizon Private Cloud is a perfect solution for professionals and organizations looking to save time, space and increase productivity. A virtual desktop cloud solution from Horizon Private Cloud is your best option for a vDesktop solution.

Horizon Private Cloud Desktop is the only company offering vDesktop virtual desktop cloud solutions. Our hosted virtual desktop cloud solutions are delivered to any device via a secured internet connection. These devices include: any Windows desktops and laptop PC, any Mac, iPad and iPhone device, Android tablets and smart phones, Blackberry mobile devices and thin client end point devices.

A vDesktop virtual desktop cloud solution is a monthly subscription to a Windows desktop in the cloud. All aspects of provisioning and support on a virtual desktop cloud solution are reduced to a single pane of glass via administration dashboard. Directly connected to Windows Active Directory, vDesktop virtual desktop cloud solution administrators assign permissions and allocate new desktop instances centrally. Upgrades and software patches are applied to a vDesktop virtual desktop cloud template. When employees log into a vDesktop virtual desktop cloud, the updated template is used. This dramatically reduces support costs and user frustration.

The idea behind cloud computing is almost as old as modern day computers. Characteristics of a virtual desktop cloud include: empowerment of end-users of computing resources by putting the provisioning of these resources in their own control as opposed to the control of a centralized IT service. Virtual desktop cloud solutions also improve users' ability to re-provision technological infrastructure resources. Virtual desktop cloud solutions also offer API accessibility to software that enables machines to interact with cloud software in the same way the user interface facilitates interaction between humans and computers. Cloud computing systems typically use REST-based APIs. Virtual desktop cloud solutions also reduce cost. Virtual desktop cloud solutions also allow device and location independence enabling users to access systems using a web browser regardless of their location or what device they are using. As infrastructure is off-site (typically provided by a third-party) and accessed via the internet, users can connect from anywhere.

Virtual desktop cloud solutions also offer multi-tenancy, enabling sharing of resources and costs across a large pool of users thus allowing for centralization of infrastructure in locations with lower costs. Peak-load capacity increases and utilization and efficiency improvements for systems that are often only 10-20% utilized are also benefits with virtual desktop cloud solutions. Reliability with virtual desktop cloud solutions is improved if multiple redundant sites are used, which makes well-designed cloud computing suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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