Cloud Desktop

Horizon Private Cloud is your home to the finest in virtual and cloud desktop solutions for your workplace. A cloud desktop is a perfect option.

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More on Cloud Desktop

Learn more about the services offered by Horizon Private Cloud and our cloud desktop services for your workplace. A cloud desktop delivers all your apps and data.

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Windows in the Cloud

Learn how windows in the cloud are your next IT move.

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Hosted VDI

You've heard everyone talking about it: The Cloud.

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Hosted Virtual Desktop

Horizon Private Cloud offers the best in vDesktop hosted virtual cloud desktop solutions for the office.

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Hosted Virtual Desktops

Horizon Private Cloud offers DaaS and an extensive array of cloud computing solutions for the enterprise.

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Online Virtual Desktop

Horizon Private Desktop provides the best in online virtual desktop solutions for your office.

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Virtual Desktop Cloud

A virtual desktop cloud solution from Horizon Private Cloud is a perfect solution for professionals and organizations looking to save time, space and increase productivity.

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Virtual Desktop Online

Horizon Private Cloud offers the best virtual desktop online solutions for enterprise.

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Virtual Desktop Solutions

Horizon Private Cloud is your source for virtual desktop solutions.

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Virtual Desktop Windows 7

A Virtual desktop Windows 7 environment is a perfect solution for companies who are looking to expand their data onto the cloud.

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Virtual Desktop

Desktop virtualization or a virtual desktop solution is a process by which a personal computer desktop environment is mirrored on another personal computer by means of a network connection.

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Virtual Desktops

The desktop environment of a PC, that has been stored on a remote server are what is commonly know as Virtual Desktops.

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Cloud Virtual Desktops

If your companies operations would benefit from the use of Cloud Virtual Desktops but you're not comfortable someone else's Private Cloud solution... Horizon Private Cloud has some alternatives for you to consider.

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Virtual Desktop Hosting

Horizon Private Cloud has the solutions you need when it comes to Virtual Desktop hosting.

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Virtual Desktop Providers

The virtual office environment provides invaluable tools for businesses to succeed in today's fast-paced environment... and virtual office environments are only as effective as the Virtual Desktop Providers standing behind them.

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Windows 7 Virtual Desktop

Microsoft revealed at its annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, that more than 400 million Windows 7 licenses have been sold to date.

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iPads and Hosted Windows Applications

Microsoft and its auxiliary hosted windows applications have ruled the technological world for a long period of time. Analysts and tech-experts expect Microsoft’s hegemony to prevail in the foreseeable future. However it is also worthwhile to note that Apple...

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