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Horizon Private Cloud offers the finest cloud desktop service for today's compelx and difficult situations. Depending on your need, cloud desktop services make a solid solution for workplace and Horizon Private Cloud is the company to deliver it. Horizon Private Cloud offers the best in vDesktop and cloud desktop solutions for your workplace - today and into the future.

A cloud desktop service is about delviering a DaaS application to the multiple endpoints - such as iPads and Androids. It is the best and easiest way to keep your employees connected whether they are at home or out of the country. Depending on how you allow your employees to conect, a cloud desktop solution be in place at your workplace now. Setting up a cloud desktop solution for your employees may sound like a daunting task however the professionals at Horizon Private Cloud are here to take all the frustration out of something as complicated as the setup of a cloud desktop computing solution and make it as simple as possible. Look no future for unmatched support and knowhow, the serious professional staff at Horizon Private Cloud makes it easily to get all of workstations networked and up to serve as a cloud desktop environment.

You will know just what a cloud desktop environment or solution can do for you. The answer is obvious, a cloud desktop is a computing environment that stays with you as you travel and is completely accessible anywhere. Files are accessed on a cloud desktop system and also accessible anywhere and from almost any computer connected to a network or the internet.

Today, you are already familiar with a cloud desktop environment that supports access through services you use daily. All cloud desktop servies brings together the cloud computing features that you rely on everyday to your office environment.

learning the key advantages of a cloud desktop setup are numerous and with Horizon Private Cloud, you can even setup your own private cloud desktop environment just with some simple tools provided by the staff.

Horizon Private Cloud delivers all of these services today and through our incredible vDesktop cloud desktop service. Horizon Private Cloud's vDesktop cloud desktop service does much more than an RDS connections and services to servers. vDesktop changes the technology from the makers of GoToMyPC, one of the most popular and trusted remote access clients available today, to help a cloud desktop experience be better. Flexibility is the key to a productive workforce in today's office and you want to make sure you are getting all of it. Our proprietary combination of software applications from Citrix and Microsoft as partners allow us to deliver a unique hosted cloud desktop model to any endpoint device, any where, any time.

For more information on how you can have a Horizon Private Cloud vDesktop cloud desktop solution, contact us today!

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