Cloud Virtual Desktops

If your companies operations would benefit from the use of Cloud Virtual Desktops but you're not comfortable someone else's Private Cloud solution... Horizon Private Cloud has some alternatives for you to consider.

The first of these options is to consider a Hybrid Cloud. A Hybrid Cloud allows you to take advantage of the operational advantages you seek in utilizing Cloud Virtual Desktops for your company, by combining your private hardware and Horizon Private Cloud's data center hardware with a data communication link between them.  It's as simple as that... take advantage Cloud Virtual Desktops for your remote offices and keep your file shares in your data center. Your hosted Cloud Virtual Desktops would be provided via HPC with SAN storage in their private cloud. Then a dedicated line or secure VPN connects their data center to your data center file share.


This is all that's required for you to maintain control over your own data center shares, while putting your employees in a position to then experience the strength and adaptability of Cloud Virtual Desktops.  The Horizon Private Cloud services and your secure data center come together to create your Hybrid Cloud Virtual Desktops.

If even the Hybrid Cloud solution is not the one for you... Horizon Private Cloud understands. They were once in the position of starting their own private cloud for Horizon Technology.  To attain the Private Cloud Virtual Desktops they envisioned, they took years and continually rebuilt.  Through building their Private Cloud Virtual Desktops, they gained intimate knowledge on exactly what works and what doesn't where creating a Private Cloud. Horizon Private Cloud did their own heavy lifting when creating their Private Cloud and the Cloud Virtual Desktops.

Creating a Private Cloud of your companies own, to facilitate the Cloud Virtual Desktops you desire, will require the same. The same process of achieving the right blend of hardware, software, custom applications, and resources... so why not let them do the heavy lifting?


There is no need for your company to suffer through the same pains of virtualization that Horizon Private Cloud endured, long before others in the industry. They know exactly what is involved in building hosted private cloud virtual desktops and servers across the globe. This said.... Why would you not consider taking advantage of Horizon Private Cloud expertise in the creating of your own Private Cloud and the Cloud Virtual Desktops you are after?

Cloud Virtual Desktops on a Hybrid Cloud... or Cloud Virtual Desktops on your own Private Cloud... Horizon Private Cloud can handle both you.

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